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Instant Lunch

For those of you who have been looking for things previously published in The New Tops by RB and couldn't find them... look no further! The following tricks are for your viewing and performing fun! These were just of few of the tricks that RB used in his Mr. Trix Enterprises days... Have Fun!

Instant Lunch
Copyright 1982 by Ron Bauer

Hooray! Hats are back. Everywhere I go, north or south, there are lots of cowboy hats. All those hats provide a great opportunity for magicians to do some of the "borrowed hat" items that used to be so common in magic books and magazines. Imagine, a after all those years there are finally hats to borrow for holding dice for Die Boxes, ingredients for cakes or puddings, and even bunny rabbits!

Looking back, I remember my first E-Z Hat Loader (recently also marketed under "Productomazia"). I always liked that trick, even when it meant I had to provide the hat!

"Instant Lunch" is a dressed up version of the E-Z Hat Loader. It's also another use for the double-walled tumbler of milk I used in "Tootsie!" (The New Tops, August 1981, Page 6.) Refer to the illustrations while imagining this:

"I'm going to test a new product on you today. The company that makes it gives me Free Samples if I demonstrate during my shows... I don't mind getting something free. Especially when the product is almost Magical. It's called INSTANT LUNCH... and I've got a whole box of it. (Taking off lid, showing confetti fills box.) Looks like confetti, doesn't it? Actually, each of the colored particles is some part of a tasty little lunch. The print on each piece is so tiny I can't make out which is what, but at this price, who cares? (Replacing lid and putting box on table.)

"INSTANT LUNCH is the first instant anything that is complete in itself. In fact, the company's slogan is: 'You Don't Need Nuthin' Else!' This is their advertisement. (Show Card.) I guess they figure this is symbolic of that slogan. But, the fact is, I do need a container.

"Ah! Already you think I Don't Not Need Nuthin'! Well, it can be any container. I'll prove it... lend me your hat, will you please, sir? (Getting Hat.) Thank you. You see, INSTANT LUNCH must have darkness to develop... 1ike Polaroid Film. [Sprinkling Confetti Into Hat.) Hmm... okay... a few bits into the hat. (Putting Box Aside, Picking Up Card.) See, I don't even add water, just an instant of darkness. (Covering Hat With Card, Then Putting Card Aside.) Now let's see what developed...

"Well, talk about thinking of everything. Look, a Napkin! (Removing Napkin.) Nothing sloppy about these guys. Now, let's see... some Celery and a Carrot. (Removing Celery And Carrot.) And look at this... (Removing Salt Shaker.) ...they even included the Salt! Now the Main Course... (Removing Sandwich.) Well, you can't win 'em all... a Baloney Sandwich!

"Finally, folks, I'll remind you to buy all the INSTANT LUNCH you can when it comes out on the market. That way maybe they'll keep giving me Free Samples... (Removing Glass Of Milk.) ...I'll certainly drink to that!" (Bowing To Tremendous Applause.)

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The illustrations tell you most of what you need to know. The only thing left out, I think, is to make certain the Lid of the Box fits loosely. You'll see why...

Load the wrapped tumbler (Tightly Wrapped) into the bottom of the Box. Be certain it slips out easily. Place the Box onto your table with the hole away from the audience. Have the Sign or Card handy and you're ready to go.

  1. Pick up Box, thumb through hole pressing Load securely inside. Remove Lid to show confetti. Replace Lid and place Box onto table.
  2. Show Sign.
  3. Borrow hat.
  4. Hold hat in left hand as in illustration. Pick up Box with right hand to sprinkle confetti into hat. (This is not easy to explain: Without direct comment, "realize through pantomime" that you can't hold the hat, the box, and remove the lid with just two hands. Turning slightly to your right, secretly release the Load into the hat, then replace the Box onto the table.) Remove the lid with your right hand. (This is why it must be loose.) Pick up the Box and openly sprinkle some confetti into the hat. Replace the Box onto the table.
  5. Place Sign over mouth of hat, then take it off and set it aside.
  6. Reach in and release Napkin by pulling corner. Produce Napkin with flourishing movement. This makes it look bigger.
  7. Reach into hat and remove Celery and Carrot from Load. Straighten them out and produce them one at a time.
  8. Reach in and get the Salt Shaker. Remember to hold it for maximum visibility, but keep the open bottom hidden.
  9. Bring out the Sandwich, but don't expose the "trimmed out" section, the purpose of which is to reduce the bulk of the Load.
  10. Finally, produce the tumbler of milk. Make sure the audience realizes the 1iquid is real.

Don't forget to give back the cowboy hat.

Note From Don Lawton: Beer Goes Better With A Baloney Sandwich!

Copyright 1982 by Ron Bauer